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Choosing The Right Carpet!

August 7, 2014
If you’ve ever had the task of choosing a new carpet, you will know that it can be rather daunting. As a carpet cleaner, I can’t tell you the number of times somebody has been given bad carpet advi…

Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning – Fact or Fiction?

July 12, 2013
Unfortunately the word “chemical” has negative connotations – but think about it. Even water is a chemical, namely h2o. An aware carpet cleaner always tries to avoid the word chemical, but today we…

Carpet Stain Removal – Penrith Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

July 11, 2013
Generally speaking, customers are not interested in the technical aspects of carpet cleaning until they have a problem. One of the most common problems I hear from customers is that they hired “XYZ…

Pet Stains – Pet Urine Stains in Carpet

April 17, 2013
What can be done about pet stains, that is, pet urine stains, in carpet? I get asked this quite frequently, and thought it was worth discussing the topic a little. Firstly, not all pet urine is …

Guide to Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

December 4, 2012
5 Step Guide to Choosing A Carpet Cleaner. The consumer can have a tough time deciding on a carpet cleaner. A combination of good value and great service is what Mighty Clean offer, and whether …

Vampire Blood Carpet Dye Stain

October 22, 2012
Being a fibre technician (aka carpet cleaner) has it’s upside. Sometimes you get to meet some interesting people. I’ve met actors, models, mega multi-millionaires, tv and radio personalities and ot…

Godfreys Wertheim SE9000 Carpet Shampooer

October 2, 2012
Phone rings.  I answer it and a polite woman with a Chinese accent asks me, “Do you dye carpet”? “Yes, I can”, I tell her, “but if I can avoid it, I do – and why exactly do you want to dye your car…

Bleach Stains on Carpet

October 1, 2012
Bleach and carpet are incompatible, we all know that right? Perhaps, but chlorinated bleach can be present in products such as mould killers. Bleach is not the only thing that can strip colour out …

Carpet Dyeing – Rug Colour Change

October 1, 2012
The other day I got a distressed call from a woman who had purchased a good quality 100% woolen rug. She realised that she had choosen the wrong colour – crimson rather than violet. Much to her …

Water Stains on Carpet

October 1, 2012
Water Stain Before Water Stain During Rectification …
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