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Pet Stains – Pet Urine Stains in Carpet

April 17, 2013

What can be done about pet stains, that is, pet urine stains, in carpet?

I get asked this quite frequently, and thought it was worth discussing the topic a little. Firstly, not all pet urine is the same. Pets, like humans, all have different diets. Some pets are on medication, and different pets such as dogs and cats, have differing digestion systems resulting in different urine chemistry.

My queries regarding pet urine are generally to do with odour or a visual stain or stains.

Pet urine, irrespective of it’s pH initially, encourages bacterial action, and quickly turns alkaline. The bacterial action is the source of the odour. The visual stain can be either the result of urochrome (the coloured dye component in urine), or it sometimes be the result of colour loss (similar to the yellow spot left by bleach).

What can be done about pet urine stains in carpet?

Odour. If we are dealing with odour only, we need to locate the source of the contamination, and treat it. Urine can get down into the underlay and beyond. In this case, the rectification may end up being quite extensive, requiring substrate treatment and sealing, replacement of underlay, and carpet treatment top and bottom.

Visual pet urine stains can be challenging to rectify, and sometimes can’t be rectified. Most carpet cleaners will tell you that they can’t be treated full stop. This is not entirely correct. If the pet urine stain has added a yellowish brown stain to the carpet, it may be able to be removed with a thermal transfer process. This is effective 40-50% of the time. Mighty Clean Carpet can do this for you. If the pet urine stain has caused a removal of colour from the carpet (bleaching), then Mighty Clean Carpet can use a technique called spot dyeing to inject the bleached colours back into the carpet.