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Vampire Blood Carpet Dye Stain

October 22, 2012

Being a fibre technician (aka carpet cleaner) has it’s upside. Sometimes you get to meet some interesting people. I’ve met actors, models, mega multi-millionaires, tv and radio personalities and other celebrities. The other day I happened to meet an ex rugby league legend, who’d switched codes and had been playing union in Europe.

As it turns out, while he was back here in Australia for the off season, he was looking to put his home on the rental market. Unfortunately a carpet cleaner had not been able to remove a “vampire blood” carpet dye stain. Fortunately the property manager to be referred him to myself, and the rest is history.

The real trick in this stain treatment was understanding the stain chemistry, and the chemical limitations of the fibre it was attached to. This is what really sets stain specialists apart from carpet cleaners.

Vampire blood carpet dye stain
Vampire blood carpet dye stain
Vampire Blood Carpet Dye Stain Removed!
Vampire Blood Carpet Dye Stain Removed!


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