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Water Stains on Carpet

October 1, 2012
Water Stain Before
Water Stain Before
Water Stain During Rectification
Water Stain During Rectification

I had a call from a woman who was deeply embarrassed about some water stains that had appeared on her carpet after a small, slow bathroom leak. The leak had been repaired, but the carpet had some significant marks. A very well known carpet cleaning franchise had been out to “clean” the carpet, but had surprising been able to do precious little for the real issues.

It’s important to understand why this is the case? Cleaning franchises attract lemmings. I know I’m being blunt, but the reality is that franchise operators follow systems that deliver mediocre results. Ever thought to order a fillet mignon from McDonalds? Of course not! The pimply teenage burger flipper is not a chef. The same principle applies to carpets. Franchise carpet cleaners will NOT solve difficult issues, they are not trained to problem solve any more than a teenage burger flipper at McDonalds is trained to cook a gourmet meal to your specification.

The home owner was very pleased with the outcome. Here is her text to me a day after I completed the job.

Thank you note.
Thank you note.

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