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Bleach Stains on Carpet

October 1, 2012

Bleach and carpet are incompatible, we all know that right? Perhaps, but chlorinated bleach can be present in products such as mould killers. Bleach is not the only thing that can strip colour out of a carpet, products including some cosmetics and acne medications will bleach carpets. Laundering products, in particularly the oxy clean products will also take colour out of carpet as they contain peroxide derivatives that stay active in carpet long after the application, oxidising the dyes.

Fortunately, in most cases a skilled colour technician can rectify these situations. Mighty Clean Carpet are one of the few experts available in Sydney (and in fact Australia) who are capable of rectifying colour-loss issues in carpet. Businesses, other carpet cleaners, general cleaners, home owners, tenants, land-lords, building managers and supermarket stain remover manufacturers all use our services to address bleach stains on carpet.

Bleach works by oxidising pigment. For example, a green carpet will often exhibit a yellow mark after being exposed to bleach. Green carpet is made from blue and yellow dyes. Blue dye is very susceptible to oxidation, and on a green carpet, leaves yellow behind. On a brown carpet with a yellow mark, the red and blue dyes have been oxidised. Red is usually oxidised after blue dye.

Bleach stains are rectified by following a special process. Firstly, the active bleach must be chemically neutralised. Mighty Clean Carpet use a two step process to prevent any bleach from remaining, and causing residual problems. Depending on the amount of colour loss, Mighty Clean Carpet re-instate the missing components of blue, red and yellow dyes in their correct proportions. The dyes are chemically set and become colour fast.

If you have a bleach stain on your carpet, and are concerned, text, call or email Phil from Mighty Clean Carpet to discuss rectification options.

Bleach Stain Rectified Bleach Stain Rectified Bleach Stain Rectified

Bleach Stain Rectified