Carpet Dyeing – Rug Colour Change

The other day I got a distressed call from a woman who had purchased a good quality 100% woolen rug. She realised that she had choosen the wrong colour – crimson rather than violet.

Much to her delight, I paid her a free visit, explained colour change options with her, including a small discrete sample on a corner of the rug. She immediately requested that I take the rug, and dye it for her.

Mighty Clean Carpet successfully dyed the carpet to a shade of violet. Needless to say, our customer was delighted. Pictures below. If you require carpet or rug dyeing, text, email or call Phil from Mighty Clean Carpet.

Phil Mathot – Mighty Clean Carpet – – 0434 020 726

Rug 1 Before

Crimson rug prior to colour change carpet dyeing.

Rug 2 After
Rug after colour change carpet dyeing to violet.


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