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Coffee Stain in Carpet Gone Horribly Wrong!

October 1, 2012

You don’t have to watch any one of the breakfast tv programs for long to see infomercials aimed at stay at home mums with carpet cleaning equipment and products. While I don’t feel in the least bit threatened by these mostly over-hyped and often useless products and devices, they often give the house keeper false confidence in what can be done with a carpet, regardless of experience or expertise.

So I am going to say it again. Carpet cleaning is the work of a trained and experienced professional, who can at the very least identify your carpet’s fibre type and it’s method of construction, and based on the soil load and staining, choose the best products and chemistry to suit.

Here is a classic example of a home owner treating a coffee stain on a woolen carpet.

Coffee Stain on Woolen Carpet Gone Wrong
Coffee Stain on Woolen Carpet Gone Wrong

The stain has grown to five times it’s original size, has browned out, and is showing signs of alkaline burn. If most of the last sentence didn’t make a great deal of sense to you, the reason is that carpet stain removal is technical, and well outside the experience of most home owners. Fortunately, I was able to bring the stain to a presentable condition.

Treating the mal-treated coffee stain on wool carpet.
Treating the mal-treated coffee stain on wool carpet.

If you have attempted to treat a carpet stain, and things are getting out of control. Call me! I’m here to help, and may be able to help prevent a catastrophe.

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