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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Penrith

August 30, 2016

Mighty Clean Carpet can provide a no fuss, high pressure indoor tile and grout cleaning service.

In particularly grout, but also any porosity on a tile, will accumulate soil over a period of time. If you’ve ever moved a piece of furniture that has protected a section of tiles for a period of time, you’ll notice just how soiled your tiles and grout get in the traffic lanes.

Regular mopping is important for routine maintenance, and addressing spills etc, but without a rinsing and extraction system, a buildup of mineral deposits, detergent and grime accumulates on the tile surface, and the grout.

Mighty Clean use high grade industrial cleaning solutions, that strip away mineral deposits, fats, oils, grime, dirt and detergent residue. Utilising a powerful truckmounted extraction system, we deliver a high pressure cleaning that will leave you tiles squeaky clean.

Porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and terracotta tiles are all able to be cleaned by Mighty Clean.

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