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#1 Rug Cleaning in Penrith, NSW with Genie Rug Wash

Are you looking for rug cleaning in Penrith? We are now partnering with Genie Rug Wash!

Genie Rug Wash is a family-run business that offers professional rug cleaning services with free pick up and delivery! They have a passion for delivering an affordable, high-quality rug cleaning service, that is simple and convenient.

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Penrith Rug Cleaning That You Can Trust

Your WASH is OUR command!

Genie Rug Wash was started by two brothers with the ambition and drive to deliver a high-quality rug cleaning and washing service at an affordable and convenient price.

Up until now, most of the Rug Washing businesses have been established in the Sydney CBD, and Northern Beaches, and other than onsite cleaning, which really isn’t able to minimise the soil a rug attracts and presents numerous risks and problems, we knew a lot of rugs throughout the Greater West of Sydney were being disposed of prematurely because they were unpresentable and unclean. We’ve changed that!

With more than a decade of carpet cleaning experience and more than 15 years of managing the business, our ambition has become a reality. As second-generation carpet cleaners, and also being involved in the education and training side of the industry, your rugs are in safe hands.

We are proud and committed to giving your rug a wash not a clean!

Why Use A Rug Wash?

Here at Genie Rug Wash we like to keep things simple. We know you want fast, reliable, good quality service with simplicity and ease. So that’s what we give you!

Penrith affordable rug cleaning

Rugs tend to be much thicker than carpet, can have textured patterns or have very dense piles when compared to regular carpet. They also collect much more dust and soil. They are played on by kids, laid on by pets and are placed in areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Kids, dirt, pets, spills and accidents can leave your rugs looking unpresentable. The question is, what can be done to thoroughly eliminate the dirt and bacteria?

Carpet cleaning services are suitable for your homes carpeting, however rugs are typically more intricate and require a different approach. Genie Rug Wash’s specialised services a takes specific precautions to ensure that your rugs maintain their shape, fibre quality, and colour vibrancy, all while removing germs, soil and odours.

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Penrith rug cleaning service

Unlike carpet cleaning services which are undertaken in the home, Genie Rug Wash will pick your rug up, and take it back to a purpose built rug washing salon. Rather than use a wand or pad which is only capable of cleaning to a minimal depth of the pile, our specialised equipment will not only beat the dust from the base of the pile, but fully immerse the rug, ensuring the cleaning process is delivered through the entire rug and backing. Our rug washing process is equivalent to the washing you’d undertake with your clothing. None of this is possible with onsite carpet cleaning. We prefer the term rug washing to rug cleaning, because your rugs aren’t just cleaned, they are washed!

Once we have completed the washing and drying of your rug, it will be delivered back to you in pristine condition. Rug washing with Genie Rug Wash is a worthwhile investment in the longevity, hygiene and appearance of your rugs.

rug cleaning results in Penrith

Other Cleaning Services We Offer in Penrith

Besides rug cleaning, we also specialize in tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, and spot dyeing! Click the buttons below to learn more about the other services we provide in the Penrith region!

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Rug Cleaners Near You

We come to you, no matter where you are for all your rug cleaning in Penrith needs and Servicing cities around NSW.

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