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Lounge Cleaning in Penrith

December 29, 2020

Mighty Clean Carpet the premier upholstery and lounge cleaning business, servicing the Greater Penrith Area, the Blue Mountains, and the Hawkesbury.

Using laminar flow technology, hot streams of water are sheared across the surface of the fabric, allowing the furniture to be cleaned and left significantly drier than with traditional tools.

The picture below shows a polyester fabric sofa, being cleaned with said tools. This lounge has been rather soiled from pet oils, shampooed with an appropriate and safe shampoo. The final process is rinsing the textiles with incredibly hot water, minimizing residue and leaving the fabric with a soft hand, and smelling fresh.

Isn’t it time you called Mighty Clean Carpet!

Carpet Cleaning image 1 Carpet Cleaning image 2