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Carpet Cleaning Sub-Contractors – The Issues

September 8, 2014

Once upon a time carpet cleaners would place a big ad in the yellow pages, and the bulk of new business would come from the yellows. These days, yellow pages is out, and online marketing has taken over. Google Adwords, and driving online traffic to your website is the name of the game for making sales.

This change in advertising dynamics has spawned a new type of carpet cleaning environment. An environment where marketing gurus, with zero carpet cleaning knowledge are using there marketing expertise to drive sales. They use sub-contract carpet cleaners to conduct the work. Is this bad? The answer is mostly YES for the consumer.

Why do I say this? Because there has been a rapid increase in the amount of carpets I am having to go back and fix after a sub-contract carpet cleaner has had an attempt at cleaning. Usually the carpets are over-wet, browned out, or look dirty or dirtier than before the job was started. So what is going on here?

The answer is simple. Many of these “carpet cleaners” are backpackers and travellers, or inexperienced people who have never cleaned carpets before. The marketing company is usually taking 50% or more of what is charged, and the sub contractor is left to pay for fuel, vehicle, equipment, chemicals, clothing and the costs of running a business. So if you were enticed with a $72 for 3 room offer, guess what? The sub contractor is getting $36. This is simply not enough income to spend the time required to do a thorough job. So the operator has two choices. One is to try and pressure the consumer into spending more. The other is to race through the job. I’m hearing that 20 mins for 3 rooms is about the average for these rogues. In contrast, 3 rooms will generally take a skilled operator closer to an hour.

Before making a decision on a carpet cleaner, we recommend that you read some reviews. Most of these companies have SCATHING reviews! In contrast, Mighty Clean Carpet Cleaning have a 5 star google and TrueLocal review rating. Hands done, we are the best choice for Penrith carpet cleaning!