Rotary Jet Extraction Cleaning

Mighty Clean Carpet, the most referred carpet cleaning business in Penrith, are able to offer a cleaning system that outpeforms dry cleaning, and regular wand steam cleaning.

Quite frequently, we get requests to clean carpet after other cleaners have been and gone and not delivered a satisfactory cleaning result. Although there are exceptions to the rule, when it comes to domestic carpets;

  • dry cleaning is suitable for carpets that have been well and regularly maintained, with very little visual soil load
  • steam cleaning (performed correctly), is suitable for a moderate level of visual soiling, and where carpets may not have been attended to for 12 months of longer
  • rotary jet extraction steam cleaning takes soil extraction to a level not achievable with regular steam cleaning, by introducing a scrubbing action which opens the pile, allowing for deeper soil extraction, and providing agitation to assist with getting soil to yield from the yarn bundle

We carry and provide all of these systems, and can provide professional advice as to what will provide you with the best service to suit your needs. Our pricing between dry and steam cleaning is the same, and typically rotary jet extraction is only required in the most heavily frequented areas, and typically won’t incur any extra charges.

Day in and out, our customers tell us they haven’t ever had a carpet cleaned as nearly as thoroughly as they have with Mighty Clean Carpet.



You won’t get rotary jet extraction from most carpet cleaners. This technology is one of may things that sets Mighty Clean Carpet well apart from the rest!

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