Cheap Carpet Cleaning – Penrith

If you are looking for the cheapest carpet cleaning in Penrith – you need to read this!


Look at the two photos below. Photo 1 is from a competitor. The vacating tenant choose a cheap carpet cleaner. The property manager wasn’t happy, and requested the tenant ask they come back and re-do the living area. The carpet cleaner refused and claimed this was the best he could do – which was probably correct.

Cheap Carpet Cleaner Penrith

Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Penrith – Poor Results


Photo 2 is after Mighty Clean Carpet Cleaning Penrith went back to fix up this other cleaners failure. The tenant had to incurr the cost of this – so the carpet cleaner was no longer cheap.

Best Carpet Cleaning in Penrith

The result from the best carpet cleaners in Penrith – Mighty Clean Carpet


If you want the job done properly the first time call Mighty Clean Carpet 0434 020 726. In the rare case that you or your property manager is dissatisfied for any reason we will gladly return at no charge.



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