Monthly Archives: October 2012

Vampire Blood Carpet Dye Stain

Being a fibre technician (aka carpet cleaner) has it’s upside. Sometimes you get to meet some interesting people. I’ve met actors, models, mega multi-millionaires, tv and radio personalities and other celebrities. The other day I happened to meet an ex rugby league legend, who’d switched codes and had been playing union in Europe. As it […]

Godfreys Wertheim SE9000 Carpet Shampooer

Phone rings.  I answer it and a polite woman with a Chinese accent asks me, “Do you dye carpet”? “Yes, I can”, I tell her, “but if I can avoid it, I do – and why exactly do you want to dye your carpet”? The lady proceeds to tell me that there are brown and […]

Coffee Stain in Carpet Gone Horribly Wrong!

You don’t have to watch any one of the breakfast tv programs for long to see infomercials aimed at stay at home mums with carpet cleaning equipment and products. While I don’t feel in the least bit threatened by these mostly over-hyped and often useless products and devices, they often give the house keeper false […]

Water Stains on Carpet

I had a call from a woman who was deeply embarrassed about some water stains that had appeared on her carpet after a small, slow bathroom leak. The leak had been repaired, but the carpet had some significant marks. A very well known carpet cleaning franchise had been out to “clean” the carpet, but had […]

Carpet Dyeing – Rug Colour Change

The other day I got a distressed call from a woman who had purchased a good quality 100% woolen rug. She realised that she had choosen the wrong colour – crimson rather than violet. Much to her delight, I paid her a free visit, explained colour change options with her, including a small discrete sample […]

Bleach Stains on Carpet

Bleach and carpet are incompatible, we all know that right? Perhaps, but chlorinated bleach can be present in products such as mould killers. Bleach is not the only thing that can strip colour out of a carpet, products including some cosmetics and acne medications will bleach carpets. Laundering products, in particularly the oxy clean products […]