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Spot Dyeing Sydney | Mighty Clean Carpet

Bleach, domestos, exit mould and various other household chemicals can remove colour from carpets. Unlike stains, which are the addition of colour/pigment to carpet, bleaches cause colour loss and require correction by the addition of dye pigments and a form of localised carpet dyeing called Spot Dyeing.


Mighty Clean Carpet offer this unique carpet spot dyeing service for bleached spilled on carpet. Our spot dyeing service is available throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, and our highly trained and experienced technicians will;


1. Neutralise, rinse and extract the offending chemical.

2. Expertly determine the proportion of missing (chemically removed) primary colour/s.

3. Carefully re-inject pigment and carpet dye into the affected area to colour align with the non-affected, adjacent carpet.

4. Affix the injected pigments.


Our specialised carpet dyeing process has repaired hundreds of bleach spots for tenants, home owners, land lords and property manager right across Sydney! Bleach spills in carpet and various other chemical carpet bleaching can be successfully spot dyed and colour repaired. 


Prior to contacting us, we request that you take some photos of the affected carpet with a smart phone, and picture message to 0434 020 726 OR email to so that we can determine how best to assist you in your enquiry.


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