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Carpet Stain Removal Penrith | Mighty Clean Carpet

Mighty Clean Carpet are THE EXPERTS in carpet stain removal in Penrith. We are certified stain removal experts, and routinely treat and remove stains that other carpet cleaners cannot, and do not.

Here's why.

It may come as a surprise that carpet cleaning and stain removal, although related, are very different skill sets. Carpets are cleaned to improve health and hygiene by removing soiling and spots, BUT, a stain and a spot are very different. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous carpet cleaners capitalise on this common misunderstanding, and promise to treat stains at no charge - leaving you disappointed when stains remain after a cleaning service.

There are several good carpet cleaners in the Penrith area, but precious few with the specialised skills, training and experience required to deliver the best possible outcome for stubborn carpet stains. In fact, Mighty Clean Carpet's carpet stain removal service is often utilised by property managers who have a good and trusted carpet cleaner, but need the services of a specialist for problematic stains.

So what is a carpet stain? A stain is generally recognised as a discolouration in a carpet, which is not easily removed by cleaning. A spot, by contrast, is a visible discolouration, which will should respond to a more concentrated application of cleaning product (a spotter), or a bit of dry solvent. In other words, a good carpet clean treats spots and remove soils. Stains however, require further specialised attention.

Examples of stains may include nail polish, some cosmetics, paint, dye stains, food colouring stains and pet urine. Whether a discolouration is going to be a challenge to remove or not is determined by the fibre type, the length of time the stain has been in contact with the carpet, and diy products and remedies used to treat the stain.

As an example, an orange fanta discolouration in a polypropylene carpet will almost certainly rinse out without issue. However, on a cut pile residential woolen carpet, the stain will almost certainly be permanent. This is where Mighty Clean excel.

Mighty Clean Carpet is regularly called in to remove stains after a carpet cleaner has been through. This does NOT mean your carpet cleaner has done a bad job - it simply highlights the difference between carpet cleaning and stain removal.

If you have a problem with a stain, please give Mighty Clean Carpet a call.

Let Mighty Clean Carpet take care of the carpet cleaning for you! 0434 020 726 - info@mightyclean.com.au